Laser Piles/Hemorrhoides

Que. What is Piles or hemorrhoides?

What are advantages of Laser Piles treatment as compared to other form of treatment?

What are the various types of surgery   in piles/fissure /fistula ?

Dr Ratnadip sonawane performs all type of procedure which are named as follows :

1.IFT ligation of intersphincturic fistula tract

2.FiLac. Fistula Laser closure

 3.Harmonic hemorrhoidectomy

4.Laser internal sphincturolysis

5.Laser hemorrhoidoplasty



What if you dont Get treated for piles  early?

Answer: An  untreated piles may result in 

Laser Piles treatment is adavantageous in many ways for piles as it leads to faster recovery.

Aegis hospital  and  piles centre has introduced new adavanced ultrasonic system that uses sound energy for treating piles .

Now get best treatment of piles at one hospital.

Specialist Laser piles fissure fistula and pilonidal sinus surgery.Dr Ratnadip Sonawane is experienced and Dynamic surgeon.He is well experienced in the field of surgery .Particular expertise skill in Piles/Fissure and pilonidal sinus surgery made life of patient painfree.Dr Ratnadip sonawane believe in complete cure of patients.Visiting youtube channel by Dr Ratnadip Sonawane solve doubts about laser surgery. Sir have not treated only patients but also trained a lot of doctors about right skills in the surgery with his experience.